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DCP Completes Strategic Investment in Hotwon Group

Dec 15, 2020


(Beijing, Hong Kong, December 15, 2020) DCP announced that it has co-led with CPE a US$300 million equity investment round in Hotwon Group ("Hotwon"). The investment will fund Hotwon's robust data center pipeline to further capitalize on the rapid development of China's data center industry.

Founded in 2015, Hotwon is a cloud computing infrastructure service provider focusing on data center design, construction and operation. Leveraging its extensive network and know-how accumulated in the telecom industry, Hotwon provides high-quality data infrastructure and services for customers in cloud computing, internet and finance industries and government enterprises. With a proven operational track record and best-in-class reputation, Hotwon has been selected as the data center service provider for top cloud computing and internet companies in China.

China's data traffic per capita today is only 13% of the U.S. level, representing significant growth potential. As internet, cloud computing and artificial intelligence industries continue to grow, data traffic in China will increase rapidly. As a direct beneficiary of this trend, the data center industry is expected to grow at 30% p.a. over the next five years. As a rising leader, Hotwon is well positioned to capitalize on the enormous opportunities in this fast-growing sector.

The demand for data centers in China is geographically unevenly distributed with strongest demand concentrated in tier-1 city clusters. Hotwon is committed to developing data center projects in prime locations of tier-1 cities, and has built a robust pipeline with over 80,000 cabinets. With the investment, Hotwon will be well funded to complete these highly attractive projects and serve its customers with highly efficient and stable data infrastructure solutions.

Mr. Huang Zhaoshun, Chairman of Hotwon, said: "We are delighted to enter into a strategic partnership with DCP. The DCP team has 27 years of investment experience in China and has nurtured numerous leaders across various industries. In addition to capital support, DCP will bring us world-class operational capabilities and corporate governance expertise. As we enter the new era of 'new infrastructure' in China, DCP will be a valuable partner to help Hotwon grow to the next level."

Mr. David Liu, Executive Chairman of DCP, said: "DCP is delighted to become a strategic partner of Hotwon. Hotwon is founded by a highly dedicated management team with strong entrepreneurial spirit and deep industry expertise. As China's data center industry continues to grow rapidly, we look forward to working closely with Hotwon's management and fully leverage our broad industry network, operational expertise and M&A experience to help Hotwon strengthen its leadership position and achieve sustainable growth."