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DCP is a leader in the Greater China private equity industry. Over the past 28 years, the DCP team led successful and innovative investments in the region, establishing a strong investment track record across multiple economic cycles.


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Over multiple business cycles across 25 years, the DCP team has been a leader in the Greater China private equity investment business, achieving an outstanding long-term track record through investments in some of the most important landmark deals in the China private equity industry.

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Our Investment Philosophy

Long-Term Orientation. We are long-term investors with a leading investment track record built over 28 years and a strong market reputation. We strive to capitalize on the sustainable growth of the Asia market by focusing on industries and companies with high potential for long-term investment instead of following the market’s “flavor of the day”.

Disciplined and Value-Oriented Approach.We combine our world-class investment expertise with extensive local knowledge and networks to invest in businesses with strong fundamentals and upside, especially industry leaders with excellent management teams and culture.

Operational Focus. Our investment strategy is driven by a consistent focus on improving the operational capacity and efficiency of our portfolio companies. We have nurtured some of the most respected, well-run companies in Asia, and we apply these valuable experiences and lessons to the benefit of our portfolio companies.

Partnership and Cooperation. We adhere to a people-oriented investment principle and seek to build win-win partnerships with leading management teams and entrepreneurs in the region. As an Asia-based partnership, we have an efficient decision-making process incorporating our understanding of local business culture, making us ideal partners for management teams.

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